Greater diversity breaks media hegemony

PRESS RELEASE 30 August 2018 teleSUR English Channel launches in Africa   Media hegemony, propagated through neoliberialism, has possibly been the most significant aspect of the globalized world, since the fall of the Soviet Union. The past two decades has seen the majority of the world shifting under the cultural, economic and military influence of


Launch of BRICS Channel

Johannesburg, South Africa, 19 July 2018 StarSat announces that BRICS channel – will be aired from 20 July, 2018. StarSat in collaboration with Moja Media, will be launching the BRICS Channel. StarSat, the innovative and leading satellite service provider in Africa, with an operating base of approximately 30 African countries,

The Promise and Pitfalls of Progress – Fourth Industrial Revolution

Technological advancements provides opportunities for emerging and developing economies in the Global South to grow faster and attain higher levels of prosperity. However, new technologies, in the form of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), is not a panacea for the social and economic challenges emerging markets currently face. Various sectors

Decolonised research a priority for the Global South

What inspires a conversation about decolonized research? For some, it is an undertaking of overt engagement on the complexities of “re-imagining” the Global South, the myriad of experiences that shape peoples lives and the task of ‘re-thinking” our knowledge systems and how we relate to the world. For others, it is the challenge of exploring historically discarded

People-to-People engagement key ahead of the BRICS Summit

Notions of solidarity that were popular among developing countries in the 1960s and the 1970s have very little resonance in 21st century diplomacy, which is largely driven by commercial considerations. However, with the formation of BRICS, and its evolution from solely being an economic bloc to an interdisciplinary nation-to-nation exchange,