About us

About Us

Moja Research Institute is an independent, not-for-profit think-tank. We serves as a hub for critical thought in media, development, global governance, pan-africanism and tri-continental relations.

As a thought leader, we generate high-quality insights to critically influence the public and private sector and solve complex developmental problems. As a Research hub, we facilitate dialogue, training, mediation and research throughout the Global South to foster greater tri-continental understanding between Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Moja Research

Our Strategic Objectives

    • Developing collaborative networks and applied research on key developmental challenges in the Global South,centred on poverty and inequality


    • Pioneering research on the impact of innovation on the Global South


    • Being a resource hub on insights relating to bilateral and multilateral co-operation within and between Africa, Latin America and Asia


    • Develop research capacity, to create an enabling environment for tri-continental innovation and research, thus building human capital required for the future knowledge economy


    • Facilitate dialogue, training and mediation across Latin America, Africa and Asia


    • Provide research, monitoring and evaluation on regional and international Trade and Economic development


    • Facilitate understanding and research on global governance as it affects the Global South


    • Facilitate high-level discussions and foster people-to-people relations